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The Range Rover Evoque was introduced to the world in July 2011. With its compact body, gorgeous looks and impressive abilities, the Evoque is still as seductive as ever!


When Land Rover were tasked with designing the Evoque, they took some design assistance and inspiration from none other than Victoria Beckham. This ex Spicegirl and fashion diva assisted in bringing the catwalk into the smallest Range Rover on the market.

RR - TBK7With its short overhangs, a compact body and assuring ground clearance, the Evoque proves to be more than just a stylish compact SUV.


The Range Rover Evoque features dynamic drive mode selectors, which make it incredibly capable no matter the surface.  A wading depth of 500mm means that the Evoque will also get you just about anywhere even when the ground runs out!


The vehicle which I had for review featured Range Rover’s SD4 engine. This 2,2 L Turbo Diesel engines delivers its power through a smooth nine speed automated gearbox and delivers 140 kW of power and 420 Nm of torque. The SD4 provided more than enough power to effectively deal with any situation which I could throw at it and also achieved fantastic fuel economy figures. Land Rover claim a combined 6,3 L / 100 km, a figure which I am inclined to believe is certainly achievable.

RR - TBK9 RR - TBK13

Bespoke, this is a word synonymous with the Range Rover brand. Of course the Evoque is no stranger to bespoke high grade materials and interior build quality. When you step inside the Evoque’s cabin, you are immediately in a world of soft touch, premium built materials. Sound is impressively delivered through the vehicles 11-speaker Meridian audio system.

RR - TBK14

The Evoque also features JLR’s impressive 8-inch touchscreen based media system. As with the one which I looked at in the Jaguar XE, the system is clean in appearance, incredibly easy to navigate and does a very impressive job of keeping everything streamlined. Media is also delivered through all major inputs.


Despite the Range Rover Evoque’s compact body, interior comfort is very impressive. The Evoque can comfortably seat five adults. The rear compartment also features ISOFIX child seat mounting points. With its 60/40 seat split and the ability to drop the back seats almost completely flat, the Evoque offers very impressive loading capacity and proves to be an incredibly practical family vehicle.

RR - TBK10

So what about the trimmings? When I say “trimmings,” I am describing the “bells & whistles,” the extra special touches which add that extra something special. The Evoque has many special touches. You begin the experience when you unlock the vehicle. Small projectors within the exterior mirrors illuminate a sketch of the Evoque onto the paving below and this is where the show begins. The body is decorated with bold trim bits and the interior features Jaguar Land Rovers circumstance filled rising gear selector. There is just so much many extra elements love about within this vehicle and so much which makes it stand out from many other competitors within the compact SUV segment.


Having recently spent time behind the wheel behind Land Rover’s best selling vehicle, the conclusions which I can draw are simple.

The Evoque has been on the market for several years now and despite rapidly changing auto industry’s fast pace lifestyle, the Evoque is still as seductive as ever. Modern touches such as the JLR 8-inch media interface, LED lighting and a spattering clever technology keep it bang up to date, while its timeless looks ensure it shines in the eyes of everyone around . As with any great piece of automotive artwork, a great design always ages well!

RR - TBK11


For further insight into my drive, kindly watch the below video:



Engine CO2 (g/km) CO2 TAX (incl VAT) RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE (incl VAT)*
SD4 2.2 Litre Diesel 167 R 5 358 R 738,500 – As Tested
Si4 2.0 Litre Petrol 193 R 8 322 R 767,400


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