Samsung has introduced a high-energy battery cell that delivers a driving range of up to 600km and can fast charge. With only a mere 20-minute charge, you can have a driving range of up to 500km – which is 80% of the batteries capacity.

ar-151039990The mass production of this battery is slated for 2021 and may form the start to the next stage of battery automation.

The company also unveiled an “integrated battery module” concept with a 10% decrease weight when compared to currently produced models. Less weight equates to further efficiency and improved driving dynamics.

img_automotive_highlight_01A conventional EV battery module which consists of 12 cells has a capacity of 2-3kWh, where an “integrated battery module” has more than 24 cells with a capacity of 6-8kWh, which makes it an “adequate module in the fully-fledged high-capacity EV era”.

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