Thursday 29 October 2020

Among top technology and lifestyle media, in one of the country’s first truly smart homes and, online, global television brand, SKYWORTH, launched the SXC9800, premium television with gaming-level specifications. As the first television company to introduce both Android and AI TV in the country, the exclusive event was highly anticipated, and guests were not disappointed.

Besides the showcase of the SXC9800 and other new models, the SUC9300 and SUC9300 Pro, the brand also announced the latest addition to its high-end offering, Android 10, and all that comes with it including Far Field, access to more content in the Google Play Store, improved hardware and speed, larger memory, AIoT, Cast Play and Two Way Bluetooth Transmission.

This is the third first, after Android and AI TV, that the brand has launched in the country, and is testament to their dedication to perfecting the smart home ecosystem, creating an all-inclusive and ultra-connected experience for consumers.

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