Sony have unveiled a super exciting Z5 Premium smartphone at IFA berlin – 02 Sept 2015. This exciting new smartphone introduces the world to 4K smartphone usage and begins the next mobile smartphone race.


It is always extremely exciting when a company put loads of time into research and development, and it is no shocker at all, that Sony have been the first to revolutionise this exciting space. I look forward to exploring this device soon.


A few of its key specs include:

– 5,5″ 806 ppi display with any simply eye shattering 2160 x 3840 resolution, simply amazing for this display size!

– Snapdragon 810 proccessor clocked at: Quad-core 1,5Ghz & Quadcore 2Ghz Cortex A57 for serious muscle under the hood

– Adreno 430 GPU to keep all gamers super satisified

– 23 MP Camera Rear camera  ;  5.1 Mp forward facing camera and of-course the ability to capture 4K video

and the specs list keeps going, one thing is clear here, this is going to be a real exciting device, stay tuned for more!



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