Author: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 04 Aug 2015

Suzuki Celerio - TB-10

The last couple of days have been spent exploring Suzuki’s fun little Celerio compact hatchback. A few things that immediately jump into mind when you start exploring the Celerio is that it is a very well equipped and well priced little offering.

The Suzuki Celerio is a vehicle which is easy to admire, principally because it offers a very simple approach to motoring. With its small proportions, 1L engine and hatchback design, the Celerio manages to achieve everyday tasks in a very easy, economic and practical manner.

Suzuki Celerio - TB-5

With its high roof line, the Celerio proves to have a rather spacious interior, and one which offers enough head-room, irrespective of the occupants height. Its short wheel base keeps the little Suzuki on its toes, and makes it a pleasure to park and manoeuvre around tight spaces.

Suzuki Celerio - TB-1

When you step inside the Celerio’s cabin, its a comfortable place to be, with enough space to seat four adults for the city commute. Where this interior really shines, is the fact that it offers a lot of standard kit, including:

– Electric Windows

– Power Steering

– CD Front loader with Aux port and USB media support for MP3’s and mobile phone charging

– Air conditioning

This makes the Suzuki rather impressive, especially when you factor in, the similar price competition offerings.

Suzuki Celerio - TB-8

Suzuki Celerio - TB-9With a boot load space of 254 litres, the Celerio offers a larger boot than many vehicles of similar size, such as the VW Up!.

The Suzuki’s 1L engine is not the most powerful thing on the road, however with the vehicles light-weight body, small proportions, and five-speed manual gearbox make it more than capable of keeping everything running smoothly, and more importantly very efficient.

Suzuki Celerio - TB-7

No matter the amount of driving you do, the Celerio appears to hardly even sip away at the fuel tank, and this makes for a welcome situation, especially when you consider the massive fuel costs associated with motoring these days.

Suzuki Celerio - TB-4

Summing-up the Suzuki Celerio is therefore not difficult, it is a vehicle which is very well suited for the motorist who strives for efficient, comfortable and sensible commuting. The Celerio gets the job done well, and does all this, while still managing pull off its funky and cute styling and remaining an overall good drive. Its compact dimensions make this a great little vehicle for navigating tight shopping mall parking spaces and the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Check out my driving impressions:



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