Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 31-08-2015

When it comes to a practicality and good old fashioned motoring, few cars can match the Suzuki Ciaz. Looking at the exterior of the Ciaz, its a good looking class b segment sedan with styling cues in-line with the likes of the new Honda Ballade. The Ciaz manages to achieve football sized space, while maintaining a compact, easy to handle body.


When you step inside the Suzuki Ciaz it’s business as usual with Suzuki vehicles, the cabin both front and rear offers loads of space, and feels lots more like a large European saloon car than a compact sedan. Space in the rear is in fact so large, that with the driver’s seat all the way back, I a was still able to stretch my legs out, and extend my arms without even the hope of grabbing onto the backrest. This car is a very welcome place to be driven in, during a long journey.


This sense of space is continued with its 495 L luggage loading boot, and enough compartments and storage places to hide just about anything. With a length just shy of 4500mm and a wheelbase of 2650mm the Ciaz has enough space to deal with any situation.


With its naturally aspirated 1,4 L engine which produces 70 KW of power and is able to average a combined 5,4 L per 100 km, efficiency is further maximised in terms of power delivery and consumption. It’s small engine still remains very spritely, and is more than capable no matter the load. Shifting is also very smooth with its five speed manual transmission.


In terms of convenience features, the Suzuki offers a wide array of media and entertainment sources, which include Radio with front loading CD/MP3, as well as auxiliary port, and USB slot. The Ciaz also features both front and rear 12v ac slots which can be used to charge any of your devices.


To conclude my impressions of the Ciaz, I think the best comparison I can draw, is to look back in time to when we were used to buying and owning vehicles. We were able to transport the entire family, all of our household belongings, whilest not breaking the bank. The Suzuki Ciaz manages to capture all of this, in a very refreshing way and its a very welcome vehicle to see featuring in both local and international market spaces. With a price point starting at around R180,000 the Ciaz represents serious value for money, and I am confident that its presence will be strongly fealt with those who experience it.

Check out my video review impressions:



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