It needs no introduction. It is the cute, compact and loveable little Samurai that has been winning over the hearts of over 3-million motorists globally since its inception in 1970. This is the latest-generation exploration loving Suzuki Jimny.

What is it?

That’s a question which simply doesn’t need answering! If you are reading this article or have watched my video review, you probably are part of the cult following which the Jimny has gathered since it was first conceived. Now in its fourth-generation, Suzuki has simply improved it, by looking backwards to go forwards.

On the outside, it is Jimny through-and-through. With details being evident from all the generations. The long-bar style grille, side-style “vents,” and cute squat profile with large rear occupant or luggage door, all maintain what is simply I design icon.

Engine and Variant Choices

This latest Suzuki Jimny arrives here with the choice of 2 specification levels (GA and GLX), 2 transmission options (5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic). I spent time driving the automatic GLX variant. Whether optioned as either manual or automatic, and irrelevant of the derivative, with AllGrip Pro mechanical shifting 4×2, 4×4 and 4×4 low-range transfer case, a good old rigid ladder frame chassis and its short profile, with almost non-existent overhangs, the Jimny is built to tackle anything off-raod, hence its nick name, the “mountain goat.”

The Jimny is powered by an all-new 1.5-litre petrol engine, which produces 75 kW and 130 Nm of torque. Small power figures I’ll agree, however, thanks to a weight of a mere 1300 kg odd, the Jimny manages to put its power down, and get moving when asked. The engine is now lighter than that of its predecessor and features higher compression ratios, this in turn helps to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 14%, according to Suzuki. The claimed consumption figure for the manual derivative is 6.3 L/100 km and that of 6.8 for the automatic. I was able to average 7.9 L/100 km during my time of testing.

Cute But Practical

The new Jimny is actually 45 mm wider, but 50 mm shorter in length when compared to the third-generation model. The wheel base has remained unchanged and measures in at 2250 mm. Approach and departure angles have always been good, with the new model approach improving from 35 degrees to 37 degrees while the breakover angle has increased from 27 degrees to 28 degrees. The departure angle has further improved from 46 degrees to 49 degrees. All of this means, that this new Jimny absolutely shines when it comes to getting dirty, something which any Jimny owner will attest is one of the vehicles best habitats.

The Jimny has good ground clearance at 210 mm which is a 20 mm improvement over the outgoing model.

Creature Comfort

As with its retro body styling, the cabin space of the Jimny is a blend of both modern and retro touches. I love the way in which the instrumentation cluster remains very period styled, but yet the cabin gains modern technological touches, such as a touchscreen based media system as we are seeing feature within modern day Suzuki vehicles.

Large, tactile switchgear is present within the cabin, as is the likes of a very modern dual-zone climate controlled air-conditioning system, with turn-knobs which have their own individual temperature setting displays.

The front seats are now 55 mm longer than before with wider cushion frames. Leg-room has also been further improved with a vast 40 mm improvement at the rear and 30 mm for front seated passengers. All the seats can drop flat, allowing for the inner adventure in any of us, to utilise the “bed-like” seating arrangements allowable with the Jimny.

Conclusion & SA Pricing

Suzuki required no fancy TV adverts, billboards or marketing campaigns when they launched this new Jimny. It’s simply loveable approach of looking backward to go forward in terms of overall design and philosophy will have it remain a firm favourite amongst those afforded the opportunity to drive or own one.

1.5 4×4 GA Manual – R269,900

1.5 4×4 GLX Automatic – R305,900

1.5 4×4 GLX Manual – R325,900

All derivatives are sold with a comprehensive 5-year/200 000 km mechanical warranty and a 4-year/60 000 km service plane.

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