This is what makes this supercar stand out on the road:

GTDynamic Driving

  • It uses more than 50 different sensors to monitor vehicle performance and behaviour, external environment, and driver inputs for an optimised driving experience – alongside road car comfort and convenience. The cars sensors provide real-time information on factors from the positions of pedals, steering wheel and deployable rear wing, to air humidity and sunshine levels.

On The Tech Front

  • Data is generated at a rate of 100 GB – equivalent to about 25,000 song downloads – per hour, and is processed by more than 25 onboard computing systems comprising 10 million lines of software code – more than a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet.*
  • Despite the focus on delivering a race car experience for just 1000 customers across four years of confirmed production, the Ford GT also offers creature comforts familiar from Ford family cars. Retractable cup holders are among the convenience features that distinguish the Ford GT road car from the race car.

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