Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 22 Dec 2017

This is no ordinary automotive review. It was some two years back that I was at the SA media launch for the return of the Ford Mustang to South Africa. For the first time ever, the Mustang was made available in right-hand drive. I, therefore, decided to dedicate this short piece to an automobile which is considered one of the all time automotive greats, the legendary Ford Mustang.

The facts and figures speak about its whopping great 5.0-litre V8 engine with 306 kW and 530 Nm of torque, they speak of 0-100 km/h in a mere 4.8 seconds, but the figures are really just numbers, this vehicle is about much more than that, this vehicle is about feeling the drive, passion and expression of the Mustang projects incredibly special engineers and the way in which they have developed an automobile which is so very expressive.

CoverDating back to 1964, the Mustang has been with us for 53 years and in all that time it still retains its place in the hearts of millions worldwide. The importance of building up Detroit, USA “Motown,” as well as that of countless Hollywood movies, and famous appearances all owe something to the truly special Ford Mustang.



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