No great challenge can be completed without teamwork. Its the collaboration of skills, passion and drive and lead to success. Technobok Media is driven to deliver new ideas, quality content and above share our passion for everything that we do.

Editor In Chief – Jason

Providing the vision, direction and the platform’s outlook, Jason has a single vision which he shares with a broad approach. This vision is to simply “live the brand.” Whether it be an advancement in the world of technology, lifestyle or automotive or simply a new addition to a range, each engagement is embraced with fresh vision, fresh ideas and with full focus to share the message.

Associate Contributor – Leon

Bringing his passion for the world of technology and love for cars, Leon brings with him fresh ideas and always shares a new outlook in presenting media. With his background stemming from both a financial and design-orientated base, his ideas always bring something new and exciting.

Associate Contributor – Peter

Peter is a car guy through-and-through. Bringing his own opinion and often assisting with the many challenging filming scenes and location ideas, it’s fair to say that much of the great content would not have been possible without Peter’s assistance and commitment.

Associate Contributor – Ethan

The adventurous spirit, the motocross biker, the knowledge base. Apart from his impressive skills in the dirt and avid motocross skills, Ethan has been involved with everything from technology to transportation from the early days of his childhood. His passion for discovering new things and wealth of information and research make him a true asset to the team, and that’s before even mentioning his impressive overall vehicle control and handling skills.

Associate Contributor – Robyn

With her background stemming from team management and media management, Robyn brings along with her great ideas and combines this with a passion for the world of automotive. In what is a largely male-dominated vehicle and technology media industry, it is always refreshing to have female perspectives and objective opinions shared such as those from Robyn.

Associate Contributor – Nicole

Providing invaluable help, support and assistance along the journey. Nicole has seen Technobok Media grow right from the beginning. Always happy to assist, Nicole provides a unique female outlook to the media and is a true stalwart team member always going out of her way to assist wherever possible.

Associate Contributor – Vikesh

A petrol head, Vikesh brings his own slant on motoring. From humorous times to driving adventures, Vikesh is always keen on discovering the latest vehicle and adventure that the market has to offer.

Associate Contributor – David

A skilled photographer embodying the message of Namasté. David always shares his positive outlook on life. From his easy-going personality, adventure-seeking spirit and incredible photography skills, David shares life as an adventure.