Motoring Correspondent: Vikesh N – Date: 26 Jan 2018

We were invited to drive the brand new 6th-generation Volkswagen Polo in the beautiful but windy city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. To start off, here are a few things that are key to the new Polo:


 • Longer, lower and larger Dimensions 
 • First Polo to introduce the VW Audi Group brilliant Digital Instrumentation 
 • 3 Trim Levels available, namely: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline trim
 • 3 Body Styles including GTI, beats and R-Line packages

I think its fair to say that there is no car more popular on South African roads than the Polo or Polo Vivo. This, the new sixth-generation builds on an already rock solid platform, but further adds even more premium features as well as an overall longer, lower and larger body, which makes it feel a lot like driving the seventh-generation and very premium Golf.

Cover - PoloWhile exterior changes may appear subtle from some angles, the new Polo represents a body style which is immediately recognisable and distinguishes a blend of German solidity and elegance.

Apart from the visual indicators in terms of body styling, the new Polo has greatly been improved from within its interior. Vibrant colours, tactile surfaces and an increase in safety systems comprise the new design. Offered in three different trim levels, namely Trendline, Comfortline and Highline you are now able to have everything from a digital instrument cluster (as available in the Golf) to driver assistance safety systems such as Lane Departure Warnings.

While the new Polo feels more grown-up than its predecessor, it still manages to pack all the elements of fun coupled with compact dimensions that we have come to love throughout the Polo family in the past.

1In terms of power delivery, I thoroughly enjoyed driving the 1.0 TSI DSG with its 85 kW and 200 Nm of torque delivered smoothly through its DSG (Double-Clutch) transmission. Power delivery remained smooth throughout the drive with great extra pull when required for overtake situations. Some impressive convenience options which were fitted to the particular vehicle included, an excellent rear view camera, smartphone app connect and voice control. The other area which was particularly impressive was the achievable fuel economy figures, VW claims a mere 4.8-litres/100km not far from what I achieved throughout the drive.

The new Polo sits 7 mm lower to the ground than its predecessor, a change which certainly translates to improved road-holding and increased levels of grip in tighter corners.

3During the launch, we visited Volkswagen South Africa’s state of the art Uitenhage manufacturing plant. With massive investments in both infrastructure and its workforce, it is clear that Volkswagen SA places great importance on the new Polo and ensuring that it is manufactured to the very highest of standards.

2Building on strong foundations, This latest generation further improves and strengthens what is South Africa’s most beloved compact city car, the VW Polo.

We spent some extended time driving the new Polo Beats Editions:

New Volkswagen Polo – SA Pricing

1.0 TSI 70 kW Trendline R235 900

1.0 TSI 70 kW Comfortline R264 700   

1.0 TSI 70 kW Comfortline DSG R280 700

1.0 TSI 85 kW Highline R286 200

1.0 TSI 85 kW Highline DSG R302 200

Comes standard with a 3-year/45 000 km service plan. a 3-year/120 000 km mechanical- and 6-year anti-corrosion warranty

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