Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 01 Apr 2019

Volvo has always been the first automotive brand which springs to my mind, and most probably the mind of most others out there when it comes to the topic of vehicle safety. With this being said, I decided to have a quick chat over the telephone with the managing director of Volvo Car South Africa, Greg Maruszewski to discuss where Volvo is heading as a manufacturer going forward in terms of vehicle safety and some of the reasons that this brand is racking-up award after award.

Image Below: Greg Maruszewski – Managing Director of Volvo Car South Africa


During the teleconference call, some of the below questions and answers were discussed:

Q: How big an impact will capping the speed of cars to 180kph have on safety?

A: Few drivers drive at 180kph and above. Capping the speed of our cars will not cure speeding but we have a responsibility to start a discussion about whether car makers have the right to use technology to alter consumer behavior. We know this is a complicated discussion, but we have an obligation to start it. Capping the speed will take out single cases and with that reduce the risk for the specific vehicle and others around it. We count every sever injury risk or fatality risk in the perspective of Vision 2020.

Q: Will the speed cap be implemented on all cars or is it for new models only?

A: All model year 2021 cars. South Africa will see the first introduction of the speed cap from mid-2019.

Volvo-radar-based-safety-system-1280x720Q: What type of smart speed control is Volvo looking into?

A: The company is looking into various different approaches with the main track being geofencing. The technology could allow cars to not be driven at too high speeds for the situation in any given geographic area. Pilot Assisted Drive, a system which is currently available in Volvo cars, assists greatly with semi-autonomous vehicle driving.

2018-Volvo-XC60-crash-test (1)Q: In what way is Volvo working with geofencing today?

A: Volvo is exploring geofencing in the field of safety as well as electrification. Volvo is exploring the possibility to guide vehicles to follow the speed limits in school zones and other low-speed areas in cities as well as looking into the possibility of enabling for our cars to switch to electric propulsion part for hybrids within specific zones, resulting in lower emissions within these areas. This will result in lower emissions within these areas.

Apart from these questions and answers, our discussion revealed other exciting things set to emerge and further develope from the industry-leading brand Volvo. Listen to the full teleconference call by clicking below.

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